Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Life...the beginning.

Project Life ...these two little words seem to be popping up all over the place lately :) Lots of scrapbookers (and non-scrapbookers, too) from all over the world have jumped on board, and it really is exciting to imagine my own album by the end of the year, bulging with memories and photos and stories of my very ordinary life.

(If you're not sure what I'm talking about, a quick Google search will provide you with loads of information, or visit Becky Higgins'blog here.

So here is my front page...

I'm using the Turquoise kit, but found myself making some changes to the pieces as I was putting this page together...adding some polkadots here , some floral paper there :) It just wouldn't be my album if there were no polkadots, would it? The photos are by Sharon Manning, from our photoshoot in 2011 (and by coincidence, Sharon is doing Project Life in the digital turquoise kit...I'll be keeping an eye on that one, for sure!)

As we head towards the end of "Week one" and our first double page spread, I find myself wondering how it will all come together...have I taken enough photos? Will I be able to keep up? Will I be able to find enough interesting stuff to fill two whole pages every week? How will I keep my photo printing up-to-date? (I struggle with this one...printed off 340 photos this afternoon so I could clear some space on my camera memory cards LOL) Will I like the process? The finished product?

Hmmmm...maybe I'm overthinking it just a bit!

If you are doing Project Life this year, could you pretty please leave me a comment so I can take a peek? Ta :)

TTFN xxx


Sharon Manning said...

Oh wow! This is soooo you Susan, I love your addition of your signature polka dots. Looking forward to checking in on your journey x

Linda said...

Well you have already seen mine, but just remember not to over think it, you can make it what you want.ha ha I sound like miss no it all when I haven't done one before either but that's the approach I am taking. Oh and I love your page.

Jill said...

The polka dots are the perfect addition to that page-- of course! I really love the mix of dots and floral. This project of yours is going to be priceless!

Hope said...

I won't be doing project life but I love the idea. It is great that you've made your little changes to make it more you. What I see looks beautiful.

Leah said...

i've always been a bit too overwhelmed to give it a try... I managed to do (mostly) project 365 last year but its the journaling that gets me... I might use you as inspiration (no pressure)and get on to it for next year.

Tracey said...

Just keep it simple, thats my best piece of advice. some weeks you will have heaps of photos and other times you won't. Just go with what you have. Remember its going to take the stress out.
love me :-)