Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Saturday Stitching

The end of the month is's the 28th already...and you know what that means...


There has been quite a lot of crafting going on around here, which, when you throw school holidays and work into the mix, is a miracle in itself. We'll call it New Years enthusiasm :)

Here's a little progress report of how things are going...

A Family Gathering Quilt

Starting to really take shape now, with the completion of the "Cousins" block. Can you believe I only have the "Caravan" block left to stitch on this quilt?
The borders are going to be a bit trickier than normal...there are hourglass blocks involved...but I'm feeling that the end is almost in my sights :)

My Favourite Things Quilt

I was a little horrified to discover that I was behind in this Stitch-a-long...I had neglected to add the border stripping!
An hour or two of panic sewing got me right up to date though...phew!

The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt

Ok ok...I admit it. I'm a bit addicted to this one at the moment :) I stayed up until quite late last night cutting two more squares!
Number 69 Practical Orchard

And number 70 Prairie Queen
I must have been feeling in a yellow type of mood? That puts my completed block count up to 35, which DOES NOT include the 12 blocks that I've decided not to use because they don't have white in them (I'll try to remake those over the next few weeks) So technically, I've made 47, which almost puts me in line with the Flickr group girls, and halfway to a Queen size quilt! Hmmmmm..that DOES sound impressive :)

Now to start putting together some December Daily pages :O I know, I's nearly February! Bet you thought I'd ditched that project, didn't you? LOL...the thought has crossed my mind......

What random Saturday stitching are you working on?

TTFN xxx


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Well done with all your sewing they are all looking so great and beautifully bright. So far today I have started an Autumn inspired swap gift, sewn the backing for my Swoon Quilt, trimmed all the threads from the swoon top and ironed it and also freshly ironed two other tops ready to be finished off ... who knows what will be pulling me towards it next :o) Have a great weekend, Sharon

Jill said...

I think you must be one of the most productive crafty people I know! Do you stitch in your sleep?!

I think your "favorite things" is quickly becoming my new favorite. It's so adorable.

This weekend I'm stitching a vintage mermaid pattern on a dishtowel. I'm also going to be working on a Valentine heart swap. (I'm kind of stressing over the swap.) So much to stitch... so little time!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jenni said...

Where do you find the time!!!

Linda said...

Ah I'm working on my tea party block,mmmm not my favourite. Would love to see all of your farmers quilt blocks together. So was it a nice surprise for you today, the weather.

dawn said...


What beautiful quilts you've working on. I think the family one is my favorite though, love the dad holding a drink and the little baby, how fun is that. I'm amazed at all the quilting/stitching you and your friends do, soooo wish I had patience for it. For now I will admire yours though.

Thank you so much for coming by my blog, always nice to hear from you. I'm hoping to post my Project Life tonight when I have more time and kids are settled down so I can think. I need patience for computer stuff also I guess, was ready to throw it out the window this week, lol

Stay cool and keep on stitching!!!

Cardygirl said...

Love all your have been busy. Love that orange block!

Hope said...

Very productive! I love the yellow and orange in the farmers wife blocks. Very sunshiney. Your stitching is going so well. You are very good at working on multiple projects.

Farm Girl said...

That sidebar list is looking pretty good, I see lots of 'completed's there! Your blocks are all looking fantastic, do you get time to sleep at night too........LOL? You have so much happening in your crafty world!

Chookyblue...... said...

your SAL blocks look great...........lucky you got those side trips done other wise I would have to hassle you........