Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring sorting.

There is a definite feel of Spring in the air today. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, my nose is twitching, and there's that renewed sense of optimism and change that a new season brings.

Spring always gives me the urge to clean, tidy and purge too. finish up projects, make room in my craft space, move on to new things.

Time to pull out Farmers Wife and see where I'm at...

There are 63 blocks in total....quite a nice little stash :)

I'm swaying between finishing it up at a perfect 8 block square, or continuing until I run out of Rose Parade fabrics. There are arguments for both sides....which will probably occupy my thoughts for the next couple of hours while I add white to some  no-white squares :)

To finish? Or not to finish? That is the question.

TTFN xxx


Cardygirl said...

It is just beautiful! So inspiring...whatever size you decide will be lovely...keep going and make it a good bed size???

Deb R said...

Ohhh finish it, keep going till you run out of fabrics!!!

Hope said...

Oooh, decisions, decisions... I vote you keep going. Purely selfish reasons of course, I want to see more blocks! On the other hand, if you choose to finish up I will get to see a stunning quilt that bit sooner... hmmm... Tough decision!

laurajane said...

All those blocks are just gorgeous ,I vote keep going(so I can see more beautiful blocks)
Laura xx

dawn said...

How pretty this one is, love all the colors on it. I say go till you feel it's done and your happy. Either way it will be beautiful.

How cool that you feel spring coming and we feel the fall coming. I love the newness of the next season coming.

I'm so glad you liked your card, I enjoyed making it for you. Thanks for the blog love you give me. It's so nice sharing our PL and crafts together. Enjoy the week.

Cheryl said...

I would have to go with keep going, it's so gorgeous :) Just starting to turn to autumn here, but I think we're having an Indian summer. x