Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 2013 - Weeks 27 and 28

Hello Project Life Week 27...and hello Midnight Core Kit by Becky Higgins.

At first glance, I wasn't that excited by Midnight. The colours are a bit understated compared to what I'm used to working with lately, and I really only bought it on a whim. However, now that I've had a play, it could just be my favourite of all time :)

 I'm a sucker for a white background, and the neutral tones lend themselves really well to adding a splash of colour here and that!

Speaking of colour, for Week 28 I delved back into my Honey Core Kit for a healthy dose of it :)

We had school holidays here in Western Australia last week, so there were lots of pyjama days and leisurely walks along the beach, crafty catchups and movie dates with the kids. Sigh....I love school holidays ;)

I put my washi tape collection to use on this spread (as if it needed more colour!) and used some plain pinkish red  backgrounds to some of the 4x6 photos to add even more pop! The photo collages were created on my iPhone using an app called easy to use, and perfect for adding extra photos!

So that gets me back on track with Project Life for now....WOOOHOOOO! I'm really loving the extra inspiration and variety that my two new core kits have given me, and have found my enthusiasm for photo taking and documenting once again...which is a bit of a relief ;) are you going with your Project Life these days? And have you checked out the new release goodies coming out from CHA? much to get excited about, especially the Simple Stories love love them ;)

                                                                   Have a great Sunday!
TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Ooh, nice! Lots of memories to look back on. My PL is all up to date! Woohoo!

I have not looked at CHA releases. I am concentrating on building up my fabric rather than my paper stash :)

dawn said...

I'm glad your computer is working well again, hope poor Tracey's will be fixed soon.

Way to go on 2 weeks of PL and being caught up. I like seeing two different kits and what you did with them.
I like the Midnight one too but like you said it's not bright and I'm not sure they will go with my usually bright type of pictures. Thinking maybe in the fall/winter to get the kit when my pictures will be more darker/snow/holiday kind. LOVE how it looks with your pictures this week, blends so nicely.
Of course the Honey kit is fun and happy to use. I like the way you added the washi tape to it, matches the numbers in your date.
Both weeks look AWESOME!! Lots of little stories in there too, love that.
So what color/kit will be used for this week I wonder??! You will have to come see mine, doing a cute one about Summer being gone. So glad she is back by the way. Have only gone 2 days without seeing her but she was allowed a phone so we texted a lot. This camp says no phones allowed. Sam leaves tonight for his camp and I've never gone a day without him, will miss him badly!
I love all the new goodies Becky has coming out. The Americana, Merry&Bright, Soccer, boys, girls box card sets. I also love the Sunshine and ?? forget the name of the second one I like. So much to choose from now.
Have a great day!!