Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Candle Angel

Another block of Christmas Belles down....yay! It may even be finished for Christmas 2009 if I keep going like this!

This is the Candle Angel, and if you look closely enough you will see why :)

I'm thinking that I should probably put some sort of disclaimer with these blocks...they really don't take all that long to complete. In fact, if you really got into this quilt, it wouldn't take very long to finish.

But, true to my style, I don't get into it. I procrastinate, and veer off onto other projects, and have little breaks. And even when I am "working on it" I mostly just stitch when I'm watching my son do his trampoline training (when I'm not chatting to someone or playing with my girls LOL), or on the rare occasion that I watch TV. It takes me far longer than a normal person to actually finish a quilt.
Just thought I should share that with you, in case I am turning you off stitching/patchwork/quilting altogether. It's really not as arduous and time consuming as I make it look!
TTFN xxx


Jenni said...

Nice! I just want to know how you get your hand stitching so neat!

texmorg said...

Let me answer Jen- i have NEVER seen hand stitching as beautiful as Susan's. Don't know how she does it, and self taught as well I think, and Susan doesn't even wear glasses.
And Susan you really have left yourself open there for more challenges.!!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet applique!I usually have several projects on the go as well!

Chris Millar said...

You're doing a wonderful job on this quilt, no matter how long it takes!! Looking good!