Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May already..

...which means that Tomorrows Memories are celebrating their 5th birthday!

All through the month of May there are competitions, prizes and celebrations! You can read all about it here! (hopefully, LOL....I have just learned how to link things, so if that dosen't work, go to the sidebar and click on Tomorrows Memories, heeheehee)
A big congratulations to Jo, Vicki and Clori on reaching this milestone event...and many more to come xxxxx
TTFN xxx


Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Well congratulations to the girls of Tomorrows Memories on 5 years! I know personally how hard this scrap shop gig can be - I totally admire you!
Susan, your page of Merryn is just so sweet - she is such a pretty girl.

texmorg said...

Well done!
I already have one entry in the big prize and four in the weekly prize box. Shhh dont tell Andrew.

Vicki said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes Susan!! We hope you can come in and help us celebrate too, maybe you could come and play with us!!!
Vicki x