Monday, August 24, 2009

Some things just aren't meant to be :(

It's been a birthday tradition for ever in our little family to send cupcakes off to school with the birthday child, should a birthday fall on a school day. For ever.

Things have been way beyond hectic around here lately, so the thought had crossed my mind more than once not to make cupcakes for Riley tomorrow. In fact, I stocked up on funsize Cherry Ripes and Freddos as a cupcake substitute, just in case :)

It got the better of me though, and I set out at 8:25pm to make Cherry Ripe cupcakes-cupcakes iced in dark reddish icing, and topped with chunks of Cherry Ripe and coconut (can't you just see them?)

At 8:30pm my mixmaster died.

At 8:35 my hand held electric beaters died.

At 8:40 up until , oh, 10 minutes ago, I searched for my hand held manual beaters...not an easy task when your entire house is packed in boxes.

At 9:05 I called off the search, threw my hands in the air, threw the sugar-grainy mixture in the garbage, and admitted defeat.

Some things just are not meant to be.

Here's to a better day tomorrow :(

TTFN xxx

p.s. On the upside, I now have lots of full size Cherry Ripe bars to numb the pain...hee hee hee


Jenni said...

I feel your pain....

Hope said...

Oh no! How unlucky can you get? Hope you enjoy the Cherry Ripes anyhow :)

texmorg said...

Oh No.
I feel for you.
But aren't the mini sized chocolates meant to be going to school?