Saturday, August 22, 2009

Watching paint dry :)

Yep, that's about as exciting as it gets here at our house today :) Well, it's either watching the paint dry on some embellishments I'm working on for a scrapping page, or packing some more of these...

Which would you be choosing? I probably should clarify that I'm packing boxes, not children (as tempting as that is sometimes!)

So while I wait for the paint, I've been checking out this website...

I've had a few people ask me what exactly you can do with the yummy fabric layer cakes, jelly rolls, turnovers etc that I've been showing you......look no further than the Moda Bake Shop! (Be sure to check out the cute Christmas stockings in the Basic Grey Section while you're there) See, you really can justify buying more fabric!
Enjoy your weekend
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

How exciting are you nearly done packing, not long now. Do i really need to go over and look at that bake shop at least it's not one that makes you put on calories, but as you mentioned BG i will just have to go and have a look.
xx Linda

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope the packing goes smoothly. Why is it that unpacking at the other end is always wildly more fun that the packing up??