Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Daily Overload :)

I have to admit, keeping up with my December Daily album has been a bit of a challenge this last week! December was getting a tad out of control...can you relate?

However, a slower pace today has meant that I am almost's what we've been up to.
DAY 12...

Last Saturday we celebrated one of my beautiful friend's 40th birthday at our house...we had an absolute ball! Some of the girls (and their kids) stayed for a sleepover which was so much fun...must do it more often :) I added extra journaling space for this double page, as I wanted to include lots of photos.

This shows the back of the journaling page.
DAY 13 was recovery may remember my blog entry on that day :)

I love the combination of colours on this page...who says pink and red shouldn't be used together? The green envelope contains my favourite Rum Ball recipe....yuuuummmm!

DAY 14 is all about our Monday baking session...I love Christmas cooking :) (p.s. if you see any ideas that you'd like to use...go for it!)

DAY 15...

...we had a little Christmas crafting session, and made the Basic Grey cupcakes from the Nook and Pantry line. I was wishing I had bought another kit, as they were so much fun to make! DAY 16 above is ruled up, ready to journal about our day spent visiting the kids old school. It's a little personal, so I will do that later :)

DAY16 we had our annual Santa photo taken. The tab at the top of the photo is attached to a journal block, where I've written some thoughts about Santa, and some things the kids told him :)
DAY 17 was the last day of school!
So, that gets me up to Friday, which was a hugely big day...I met up with some lovely blogging buddies, and attended a Christmas Ball in the evening. Good times!
How are your holiday preparations going? Only 4 more full days to go now (after today)!
Before I go....pop over to ... they are having a Christmas giveaway which would be worth winning!
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Your Dd is looking great, i love the pink pom pom ribbony thing and the pink and red looks good. Where are the photos from Friday night??? Did you have a good time?

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow Susan - you have been busy catching up on your December daily!! Love all the fun layouts you have used - it is going to be wonderful looking back on the build up to Christmas 09! Love all your baking goodies, and the sweet Santa photo. Looking forward to seeing Day 18 - and those Silver shoes:)

Janellybelly said...

It was lovely catching up with you again Susan. Thank you for the sweet cupcake you made (the contents have disappeared...)