Sunday, December 13, 2009

EXACTLY where I need to be :)

Earlier I was thinking about how very far behind I am with where I planned to be with my Christmas preparations. My Christmas cards are half done. December Daily is a few days behind. I still have gift tags to make, gifts to finish, and cooking to do.

I looked at my kids laying beside me on a mat on our lounge room floor. Our hair was still wet from hours spent playing in the pool. We were watching a DVD and eating ice cream cones, resting after a hectic weekend spent with our closest friends.

And it suddenly occurred to me.

I am EXACTLY where I need to be :)

TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

True, true, true the other stuff can wait..I bet the kids were never out of the pool this weekend. Can you believe that no one has been in ours.

Janellybelly said...

Ditto what Linda said :)

Tracey said...

You go girl, keep swimming, eating icecream and watching those DVD's the other stuff will still be there.

Shiree said...

Hi there, how nice to have you visit my blog, I would love you to come again. My daughter lives in Perth, so who knows, we may meet up one day!... and yeh, the other stuff can always wait!

Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend, spent with wonderful friends wasn't it. Fiona xxoo