Sunday, February 21, 2010

A story for Sunday (or one VERY expensive LO!)

Yesterday morning, I was doing a little browsing on the internet (as you do) and saw a layout by Nic Howard over on the Aussie Scrap Source blog using some Hambly Screen prints. This isn't a product that I use a lot, and thought it would be kinda fun for a change.

I took the kids to a birthday party at a swimming centre quite a long way from where we live, and on the way home, passed a scrapbooking shop which I hadn't been to in quite a while. Since it was still open, I decided I had enough brownie points with the kids to pop in for a look :)

The girls came in with me. Merryn had been there before, and I let her go off to the toy area...she usually loves to play there, and it keeps her busy while I shop. I was browsing the Hambly Screen Prints when Merryn asked if she could sit in the car with Riley. Sure, no problem.

It was only when the salesperson asked me if the little girl in the white dress was mine that I realised something was going on. I looked over to the counter, and Spread over the entire counter was scrapbook paper. And on that scrapbook paper...every single sheet of that paper...was green paint. Big splodges of green paint.

I didn't believe that Merryn could be responsible. My little veteran scrapbook shopper KNOWS THE RULES. I retrieved her from the car, and did a thorough hand inspection. No green paint. A thorough clothing inspection. No green paint.

It was the tiniest little bit of green paint on her chin that gave her away. Apparently, the paint was "very squirty" :0

Close to tears, and in utter disbelief, I handed over the $$$$ for many many sheets of Kaiser La Di Da, all splattered with green paint, and one almost empty tube of green paint. Oh, and one lovely sheet of Hambly Screen Print :(

Today, I used the Hambly Screen Print on a LO...

It's that cream swirly bit on top of the "I read your emails first" bit. Enjoy cost me a fortune sob sob sob.
I've also used Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday, American Crafts A la Carte, Basic Grey ribbon, KI Memories lace cardstock, and lots of other bits and pieces.
Sigh. That is one expensive LO.
TTFN xxx
Edited to add: I probably should note (for non-regular readers of my blog) that Merryn is almost 6...quite old enough to be left in an enclosed childs play area without my constant supervision...or so I thought!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You poor thing! I bet poor Merryn was equally distressed as accidents can happen, even to experienced shoppers! I hope you weren't at the shop with the rude staff.

Love the LO - especially the sweet photo. I was playing with some Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday yesterday - I thought of you as I recalled that is one of your favourite brands:)

texmorg said...

Oh no i cant believe sweet lovely Merryn would do that, I am in shock.
Love the LO it looks gorgeous.

Melanie said...

LOL Lost for words!!!!!
Great LO though!!!!

Jenni said... funny!

Tracey said...

Sorry but I can't stop laughing. I really don't believe that miss merryn would do that. You should do a layout about that story using that very, green splogged painted paper. Love the layout.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I feel somewhat responsible. And having a 6 yr old girl myself, I know the situation you were in too!
My biggest sympathies!
Your layout is fabulous though :o)
Nic H

Mel Connell said...

Hiya Susan,

my heart still breaks for you also. We have had a couple of paint accidents in the past but your daughters was by far the most spectacular. Poor little thing, i could see she was sooo upset with herself also.

I think you have to look at the bright side, hopefully you will be able to create something wonderful with the paper ( the unpainted bits anyway) and Id love to see it when your done. The LO with the hambly is gorgeous.

Please don't be a stranger, we all know accidents happen and thats what it was an accident. Hopefully we will see you sometime soon.



Megan B said...

Tehehe, bless her! She is obviously going to be a crafter like her mum, she is already experimenting with paint!! Happy to be cleaning up someone else's mess instead of my own! My youngest not only made me buy a box of Zutter binders (no, I don't have a Zutter machine!) but Natalie kindly reminded me of the time he got to her table with a beautiful class sample on it and was attempting to "decorate" it with whole bottle of Opal Dust! Mmmmm, bless all the little children, they certainly keep the paint manufacturers busy!!!
Hope to see you and Merryn soon, and I hope you do get something from the papers, other than a good story to tell at her 21st!!

Janellybelly said...

My oh my :) That's the scrapbooking equivalent of scissor cuts in the quilt top!
Love the LO, those people look familiar...