Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are you wishing?

Are you wishing that you had started the 39 squares project with Amy? Do you love to embroider, or would just love a project to keep you going through the winter months?(here in Australia, anyway LOL)

I have some great news!!!!!

Amy has started a new project, and YOU are invited to join in!

It's called "count your blessings", and you can read all about it here.

Sounds like so much fun!

I'm thinking about it....... :)

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Dont you have too much other stuff to do? Although your 39 thing was amazing...

Tracey said...

Just wanted you to know I CAN CROCHET. Yippeeeeeeeeeee!
Now can we plan a road trip to those lovely other shops as well please. See you Saturday, can't wait.
love me :-)

ros said...

You gotta do it! I have enjoyed stitching along with you and love your blocks - I am going to - hope you leap in too