Monday, April 5, 2010

Ladybirds, Easter Baskets and Precious Girls

Hello hello :)

I am slowly emerging from my chocolate induced haze, and have realized just how far behind I am with my 39 squares...eek! So a bit of catching up is required....

This is a ladybird sitting on a leaf...can you tell? I'm not sure I'm happy with this one, but being so far behind...well, who has time to unpick? LOL

Being Easter, this next block is probably a bit predictable...

Since my caravan/car block on Thursday took up two squares, I was sortof thinking that I could actually count it as two squares...but then my project doesn't really add up to 38 squares, does it? Hmmmm....and that conclusion then put me yet another day behind :(

I've made a scrapbook page too...

...because I really wanted to play with that cute pink polkadot fabric, but have too many other fabric projects waiting to be finished. So I added it to a page instead :)

There are lots of Little Yellow Bicycle Baby Safari transparencies on this LO, along with MM Flutter stripes, MM Lovestruck Newsprint, and some cute spotty felt that I found at Spotlight.
Hope your Easter was fabulous, and thank you for popping in!
TTFN xxx


Jenni said...

That Easter Basket is too cute!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad you had a wonderful Easter Susan! I am sure the break from your embroidery project did you good - your Easter basket and ladybird are really sweet. No doubt the chocolate gave your creativity a boost :-)

Janellybelly said...

Gorgeous LO and stitched squares, the basket of eggs is a fav of mine :)

texmorg said...

OK chocolate time is over.Did you have one for me? Whats wrong with the ladybird? So cute, as is the basket. Love the papers you have used in the LO and the fabris finishes it off nicely. Any free time in the hols?

Merci-Notes said...

I happen to love your green leaf and lady bug/bird. I know you have seen mine! blue pencil markings and all!
Say, I count each 1x1inch square as ONE! even when I use more than one for a day! fair is fair :)
I want ot go see your caravan now!

Beckie said...

I am loving your little Squares Suzi, they are too cute!!! and your LO is gorgeous but I have already told you that!!!!

P.S. Just so you know, I had chocolate for breakfast on Sunday and Monday!!! LMAO

GardenofDaisies said...

Yes, you can count that as two squares! I like your Easter basket and the lady bug too. They are all over the house right now... I don't know how they keep getting in!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Suzitee,
I wanted to say that we boil our eggs (hard boiled eggs) and dye with a mug filled with boiling water, food coloring and about a tablespoon of vinegar. Oh! and a table covered in OLD towels LOL.
YOUr eggs must be beautiful!!!