Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spoiled :)

I really think I need to celebrate my birthday more than once a year :)

Today I spent another day celebrating, this time with these gorgeous girls...

Morning tea at Woolly Lattes, where I could have stocked up on wool, wool and more wool...if only I could knit LOL. Then next door to Paper Fusion, where I fell in love with their paper blooms and gorgeous displays. The interior of this shop was exquisite, and filled with all manner of paper temptations...oh my!

Then next door again, this time to Hot Possum...a very funky, bright fabric shop! Just look at their front window....

...fabric banners! YUM! The interior was also unbelievable, but nothing more so than these chandeliers...

My photo doesn't capture how bright they are, and every fabric in the shop screams with is a visual delight! We made our purchases then jumped in the car and headed to a factory outlet specialising in Royal Doulton, Spode, and all sorts of fine china, then onto several homewares stores, lunch and home...phew! I haven't had a chance to photograph my purchases...but there were many (gotta love birthday $$$$)!
I was spoiled rotten with beautiful gifts, delicious food and delightful company...thank you girls, for another wonderful day.
Just for a little more visual temptation..
Heather Bailey is releasing this pattern very soon, and I think one might have my name on it :) Pigs are my absolute favourite animal, and Clancy is the name of my precious dog...which makes it too hard to resist, don't you think? Those bloomers...too cute!
Enjoy your day!
TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday Susan! The new pattern looks very cute.

Janellybelly said...

You are definitely worth spoiling my dear :) It was wonderful celebrating with you.
That piggy pattern is too cute!

Linda said...

It sure looks like you had an amazing day. Yes you have to buy that pattern the pigs look so cute.

Melissa Goodsell said...

What a lovely day for your birthday! Such pretty pictures too.
Are you doing the new embroidery 'counting blessings' challenge?

Jenni said...

Awwwww! Happy Birthday (belated) Sounds like you had a super celebration!

Sonya Thair said...

Hey Susan I'm sorry I missed your birthday so Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! Its good to hear you had a fulfilling day. Cant wait to see the next stitching challenge you do! Sonxx