Saturday, July 9, 2011

Move over, Farmers Daughter...

...the farmer wants a wife!

You may recall, a while back, I mentioned how very tempted I was to start stitching The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt. When the book was sold out, I took it as a sign...a sign that I have too many projects on the go :)

Which, incidentally, may or may not be true :)

BUT...then I receieved an email. The book was back in stock....and my unfinished quilt pile had since reduced by one, and coincidentally, the quilt I finished was called A Farmers Daughter. Now THAT was a sign if ever there was one. Not only that, but the perfect fabric was sitting on my desk, just waiting to be made into something special.

And so, the first blocks of my Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt came into being :)

I started with Block 1 Attic Windows...

...which, in another coincidence, was the name of the first quilt I ever made.

I moved on to Block 2 Autumn Tints...

...mainly because I'm easily confused LOL and if I go mixing up the order of blocks I'll probably
throw myself into a tailspin eventually :) There are 111 blocks in the queen size version, and that's A LOT of blocks!

I'm using the Rose Parade jelly roll pictured above, along with some of my favourite polkadot fabrics and a white cotton as the background. Love it? Oh yes...I do!

So now my unfinished quilt pile is back up to 6...which is a nice, rounded sort of number...don't you think?

tee hee hee

TTFN xxx


Chookyblue...... said...

good luck on the new quilt..........i'm still just looking at the book and it will probably stay that way........

Samelia's Mum said...

Great fabric. Enjoy The Farmers Wife journey.

Jill said...

Six is a very nice number indeed. :)

I love that fabric-- floral+polka dots=my favorite combo!


Cardygirl said...

Looks so pretty...I am sorely tempted...too much else to do here!

Tracey said...

OMG You naughty girl LOL. I was very tempted but I think 2 quilts for a new quilter is plenty, although... I could be tempted. No stop it you are not going to.
Love me :-)

Linda said...

Oh no!I cant believe you did it. DONT show Tracey.
I supose (insert sigh) that it was just meant to be.
Your blocks look perfect, hope to see more when we catch up

Kristyne said...

Bravo! I love your blocks. And just never mind how many WIPs you have ... totally irrelevant ... according to me ;)

Hope said...

Have fun with these. I am looking forward to seeing your blocks :)