Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thought for the day...


This little thought crept into my mind a lot I drove home from the airport at a ridiculous hour this morning (fly out day for my DH is a killer!), as I packed school lunches, as I endured the morning tears over hair tangles and lost reading folders, as I went about my busy working day, as I folded yet another basket of washing straight off the clothes line this afternoon, and as I get ready for the evening session of taxi duty and homework and dinner dishes.

It's very true, don't you think?

This little thought...and the promise of a little quiet stitching time tonight when the children are in bed...has kept me sane today :)

Because if it's important to will find a way.

Hope you are having an awesome day.

TTFN xxx


Tracey said...

That statement is soooooooo true! I can be flat out all day cleaning, taxi run etc. I only feel I have achieved something in my day when I've had a little time in my craft space:)Hope you had time to stitch.

Tracey said...

Yay for some quiet stitching time... enjoy.
love me :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you managed to sneak in some stitching! So glad for the school holidays next week,

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

No truer saying and hope you had the time to create something x

K-Sue said...

Sew true - oops - gotta go sew!