Friday, February 10, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Two New and a Re-Do Edition

Hello Friday!

I'm back to "farming" this week, with two new blocks to show you, and a re-do of a "without white" block. The temperature outside is a blistering 39 degrees, so it's lovely to be sitting in the cool airconditioning, mucking about with fabric today :)

First up, we have Block 47, Homemaker...

...this one had me stumped for a bit, until I read the instructions in fine print at the bottom of the diagram. When in doubt, look for instructions :)

Block number 37 is called Flower Pot...
...and it was so out of square when I finished that I considered remaking it, but went with trimming off the sides instead. I may live to regret that decision when it comes to putting the blocks together :)

When I first decided to "add white" to each block, I envisaged myself just remaking the blocks from scratch. It's becoming apparent, now that I am finishing off a few more blocks and am almost halway to a queen size quilt, that I may run short of Rose Parade fabrics some time in the future. After all, I'm only using a jelly roll of that particular fabric combined with white and spots :)

So I'm going with the more fabric-frugal option and adding just a little bit of white to the existing blocks. What do you think? Can I get away with it?

Have a great Friday...and if you are in Perth...KEEP COOL!

TTFN xxx


Sharon Manning said...

I think that you would get away with anything Susan! My Sweetwater arrived yesterday and I have been trying to sit down at the sewing machine all day without success!

Hope said...

Beautiful! You'll get away with the redo, no worries.

I don't envy you your weather, but with a top of 18 degrees here today, I think we could have it a little bit warmer and not suffer.

Linda said...

Finally a block where it actually looks like the name. Flower pot. Looks square to me but you know my motto.. I would have to see them altogether before I comment on the white. We are due for a catch up soon, better be quick as Tracey goes away in a couple of weeks.