Monday, February 13, 2012

The Photo Dilemma

Ever since we moved to the opposite side of the country from our families several years ago, I have made up an album of photos each year for my inlaws for Christmas. The album is a bit late (a lot late?) this year, but is finally winging it's way to NSW as I type :)

There is something special, in these days of digital photography, to hold an album filled with real pictures.
As I was filling the pages with photos and jotting down snippets of information for each one, each and every member of my family, at one time or another, peeked over my shoulder and made a comment. When I had finished, we all sat down and looked through the album together. It got me thinking.
Thinking about all the photos that I've taken in the last few years that are sitting on my computer. Or in boxes waiting for me to "do something" with them. Photos that are in such disarray that no one, not even me, will remember the details in the not so distant future.

What to do then?

Do I give up on the idea that they will get scrapbooked, print them all off in 4x6, buy myself some regular photo albums and simply place them in with a couple of words of date and place?

Do I attempt to deal with them in similar format to Project, pop them in page protectors and jot down some stories, with a bit of scrappy goodness thrown in for good measure?

Do I have faith that one day, some day, they will make their way into my scrapbook albums?

Or what? Who knew photos could be such a dilemma!

I'd love to know what you do with yours!

TTFN xxx


Dawn said...

Hi there, For me, I have been scrapping for a long time, this year is my first year for Pl and I LOVE it. For the very first time ever I am current! But the big mountain of boxes of years past still haunt me. I was torn, like you what to do. here's what I decided...for pictures 2000-2011 I am doing an album a year for these years..(these are the big years I have the most pictures of. The pages will be mixed- traditional scrapbooking and Pl. Then 1970-2000I don't have has many pics...some years only one or two for the whole year. expeically my baby days. for those pics. I am randomly inserting them and their stories throughout my other albums and do a "I remember when" type thing is assorted areas in my books. So far I have really been making a dent in the enormous mountain of pics...One day I hope to be all current. Good luck opn your process!

Linda said...

Well at the minute all I seem to be able to do is my weekly PL, and yes I have those shoe boxes full of photos waiting for something, I did decide a few years ago to buy some albums and whack them in there only got half done.
So when are we all catching up.

Dawn said...

Hi Linda- Sounds like we both have some big projects waiting for our attention. For me I seem to get more behind has the days go on. I started out good, but with health issues, and a broken left hand and wrist- at the moment I'm barley keeping up with my PL for this year. I have lots of good ideas but just to find the time to do them. Somedays I wish there was pause button on life- just so we can catch up....Have a great week!

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Suz~
I'm facing the same delima... what to do with these many hundreds of pictures? I'm stumped, honestly. And I agree, there is something really special about flipping though a book of honest to goodness pictures. What will future generations do, gather round an iPad to look at family photos? I doubt it. I dunno... If you come up with a good solution, be sure to share!

Oh, and I think your album is lovely! I'll bet they look forward to each passing new album as the years go on. What a special thing to do! I always knew you were a good egg!

K-Sue said...

I hear ya'!!! I am not current, and it has been awhile since I have done album pages for our family. Dawn's idea of interspersing the older pictures sounds neat, though I think I would get totally confused trying to do that.

When I am making albumns, I find I do simpler and simpler pages - often jsut cropped pictures on a pretty paper with captions. It's enough.