Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Five

Two posts in one must be a miracle!

I thought I'd better get Week 5's Project Life up on the blog, because Week 6 is almost over. What can I's been pretty busy around here (but you can read all about that next week LOL)

This week I've based my pages around a 6 1/2 inch paper pad from Kaisercraft called Bonjour. The elements from this pad made co-ordinating my pages sooooo easy...I will definitely be using this approach again :)

The left hand side of the page...

I've added some inserts this week, the first being a little booklet that Merryn made about our trip to Esperance in January. I had a photo of her making it, so scrapped a mini-layout for the other side of that page protector.
The polka-dots is a piece of artwork Merryn created for me while she was supposed to be cleaning her room...hmmmmmmm.

The right side has some photo collages that I created when printing my photos....I'm loving this way of adding extra photos onto my pages. I know you can use several apps on the iphone to do this, and can also use layered templates in Photoshop, but I tend to forget until I'm actually printing :) I also find it easier!

The "Note to self: I am enough" is a little saying that I find myself repeating quite a lot, so wanted to include it. I've also included a lolly wrapper...I took a photo originally, but like the crispness of the colours in the actual wrapper.

Thought you might like a close-up of my note from Merryn... makes me laugh for many reasons, and is just SO her right now. Such a cheeky little monkey!

How are you going with your Project Life? Again, please leave me a comment so I can come and check it out :)

TTFN xxx

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Linda said...

Like you I am using a paper this week, don't know next year if I will get the kit, I seem to be making all of my own. My Lhs is done will work on Rhs tonight. Ah poor Lydia he really didn't look well.and I love your polka dots