Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainbow bouncing :)

What to do for a 15 year old birthday party? It's a tough call, especially when said teenager is a boy, and the guests are all around the same age...and somewhat boisterous :)

After much deliberation, we decided that a trampolining party would be perfect...somewhere that the energy levels of the group wouldn't be a problem ;)  and I could do the food (because I LOVE to do the food!)
A "rainbow lolly buffet" was decided upon...

 ...and this is what we came up with! I had SO MUCH FUN finding lollies (and fruit) to fit with the theme...we had everything from Kitkats, to twisties, to rainbow cupcakes, to much sugar in one place! The rainbow jellies were a huge hit, and provided a colourful addition across the back of the table.

I have to admit...we ALL had a ball. Riley enjoyed revisiting some of his trampolining tricks...

...and even the adults got into the action :)

 In all the years my kids have done trampoline as a sport, I had never, not even once, had a jump. Today that was rectified :)

I wasn't counting on being pushed into the pit, though! LOL

The cake was deceptively simple...

 ...a three tiered cake with simple gumball decorations, but with a little surprise in the middle...

...lots of colours! I wasn't quick enough to get a good shot of the cutting (and the gumballs disappeared really fast!) but this will give you the idea :)

And that's how we celebrated 15 years with our boy!

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Wonderful! Your rainbow table looks amazing, absolutely stunning.

How did you go getting out of the pit? Looks awkward, lol.

dawn said...

aaawww I love these photos!! How funny that we did a rainbow party for my 15 yr.old this year also. She loved it.


I remember the "PIT" as we call it here, Sam went to gymnastics and loved this part. Great party idea for boys and adults,lol

Nicky said...

What a fantastic spread, looks like so much fun. Very cool photo of you in the pit, can't believe you've never done it before!

Linda said...

Love love love the photos I'm still laughing at the one of you. You can come and decorate my party table anytime. It looked amazing.
Are we catching up sometime this year or what?

Lisa said...

Hi Suz~ WOW! What a fun buffet! I love it, it had a bit of everything, sweet, salty, fruity, and everywhere in between. Looks like you had a good time at the trampoline center, too! I love that picture of you buried in foam, looks like too much fun! I love everything about this post, it made me smile! Oxo~L