Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 30

Hello Week 30...a week in which I finally feel like I may be hitting some sort of rhythm with this Project Life business :)'s only taken me 8 months! LOL.

Seriously though, I'm happy that I am pulling my camera out a bit more to capture the little moments in my week...even if it IS my iPhone...and I'm remembering to write down a few thoughts as the week progresses.

 Like when I was leaning down to feed the dog, and thought a spider had fallen into my face...when in fact it was just my hair :) (You have to remember, I've had very short hair for over 7 years, and the feeling of hair in my eyes was sorta freaky LOL!)

 I've used October Afternoon's Cakewalk papers and embellishments for this week...they fit in really well with Merryn's birthday photos :)

This photo cracks me right up...

...I'm trying to establish a homework routine in the afternoons that the kids and I are at home, and it's having mixed results :) I can imagine Riley rolling his eyes at me when he sees this...LOL..."OMG! LOOK AT ME! I'm doing homework!"

Love it :)

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Hello indeed week 30, so good to see you! Those papers are absolutely perfect with the party photos. That cake looks even bigger cut, and reminds me of Polyanna of all things.

I can relate to the hair thing. I sometimes jump when I feel my hair on my back or neck, thinking it's a creepy crawly, and mine has been long for ages.

dawn said...

Good for you being caught up and getting use to the camera more. I love the papers for this week and great birthday photos.

I do the same thing with my hair right now, a couple times I thought it was a spider and my kids would laugh at me. Nice to know I'm not the only one doing this. lol
The olympic card is perfect, I should do that also. My son is watching as much as he can of it.
WOW, that is COLD. I should send you some of our HOT HOT weather!
Enjoy your week and thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Oh well done you are so up to date, feels good doesn't it.
Hope you have a good week

Lisa Leggett said...

You're doing SO well keeping up with all your projects Suz, and everything you make is picture perfect! OK, I have to say the part about you thinking the spider fell in your face just really had me in stitches! I do that sometimes, freak myself out, sheesh! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!