Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Crossbred Edition

Life down on the farm doesn't always go to plan...especially when it comes to the breeding program :)

Most of the time when a new life  is born on the farm, you know exactly what you're going to get. Bloodlines, breed, temperament...all these things have been taken into consideration at conception, and the new arrival fits perfectly into the herd.

 Sometimes, however, there comes a little...ahem...surprise. Sure, this offspring might looks like it may belong, but it has certain...differences...which suggest something may be amiss.

I've always felt this way about these particular fabrics in the Rose Parade collection :)
Sure, they have the same colours. Some of the prints are even the same. And yet...they don't quite belong? There are flowers other than roses in there, for a start! There are divided sections with weird stitched-print borders. I doubted at one time that they would make it onto my quilt at all.

Desperate times call for desperate Rose Parade stash is getting low. So today I decided to work with the cross-bred fabrics...and hope for the best!

As in any breeding program, the cross-breds gave varied results. Some fitted in quite nicely, and you have to look closely to even notice a difference...

 ...this is Block 77 Seasons, and if I didn't tell you, you probably wouldn't notice that the centre flower is not, in fact, a rose.

The next crossbred example, (Block 109, Windows) while noticably different, is not offensive, and will hopefully work in quite nicely as part of a larger group.

 You wouldn't want too many more like it in your herd, mind you, but it's not too bad.

Then there are the cross breds (like this one, Block 85 Square Dance) who, no matter how polite you try to be, will always be...well...

...a bit feral :) 

LOL...the joys of farming!

TTFN xxx


Anthea said...

This post has me giggling Suzi, it all looks gorgeous to me, great stitching as usual... and I'm sure that the cross-breeds will be accepted by the pure-breeds of the blocks!

Leisa@Scrapsidaisy said...

Oh dear you can take the girl from the country but the country sure has stayed with the girl! Classic Susan writing this and yes I am giggling at the remarkable things that bother you...I guess though that's why your work is always divine. P.S I visited the quilt shop again today...

laurajane said...

How funny you are.I just love the blocks and the colours.
The breeding is obviously working,haha
Laura xx

Linda said...

OMG i thought your post had got mixed up with someone else's somehow, but upon further reading i realised we were actually talking quilting. Can see where you are coming from with some of those fabrics. I like the last block the bestest, glad to see your washi tape is getting another workout.

Nicky said...

Tehe they look great Susan. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Cardygirl said...

Funny...still looks great though!