Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 31...and other random Sunday stuff :)

Hello Project Life Week 31...

 ...a week whereby I smudged the title, but couldn't be bothered fixing it :)

 A week whereby, instead of panicking that I didn't have many photos, I decided to document some of the little things like ingenious fish-protecting, bird-scaring, beer-can-and- fishing-line inventions (my husband is such a classic!) ...and my kids school photos...and the destruction of the tennis court in our local park :(

 A week whereby I cheated just a bit, and snapped a photo of my son to add to the page, but in the wrong week (gotta grab these opportunities when they arise!).

 And a week which definitely has a patchworky, sewing kinda vibe about it, thanks to Instagram photos and a Handmade Collection scrapbook paper pack by Lillybee Design, which really is very lovely.

It's been a very windy, rainy, wild and woolly sort of day around here today, and we are all just doing our own thing (love days like this!). My little one found some batteries to put in her new Smiggle pencil sharpener, and has spent hours happily sharpening the point where each one of us has commented at one time or another...Merryn, are you STILL sharpening pencils? All had been quiet for a while, and then I discovered why...

 ...she's hiding out in the garage with an old box of long-forgotten pencils, STILL sharpening! It's pretty serious business...she's even had to take her beads off :) Love this kid.

And just in case you were thinking I had fallen off the Farmers Wife bandwagon again, here is Fridays effort...'s Block 74 Ribbons. It went together really nicely, and I was right on track for a Farmers Wife Friday post...until I hit Block 75 Rosebud. ..which would not go together no matter how many times I unpicked it! So I abandoned it when I ran out of time for more unpicking...might try again tomorrow.

Until then,

TTFN xxx


Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Suze,
glad you are continuing to have a productive time, guess you can't have too many pencils left in your house then huh!

Tracey said...

Love this weeks PL and love that you grabbed that photo of Riley. Love the story about the pencil sharpening, its too funny.
Have just finished by 2011 MBOM quilt top, wahoooooo.
love me :-)

Hope said...

Beautiful, all of it. Love your ribbons block, and the PL papers. The pencil sharpening made me smile. :)

And ditto x

dawn said...

Hello, I love all the blue in your week, looks great!! Good job getting it all done and making it work with what you have, that's what it's all about. NO STRESS!!

Your daughter sounds like my Sam, he does things like that too and will stay busy for hours, wish it happened more often though.

How pretty the ribbon block is, love this!! You have had a busy week and the results are GREAT!!

dawn said...

p.s. forgot to say I LOOOOVE the title card, banners are always fun. Don't worry about the date, it happens to all of us.