Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 5

Hello Week 5...the last week of a very long school holiday break for us here in Western Australia :)

I love that this week has a photo of each member of our family...that doesn't happen all that often!

I've mainly used elements from Echo Park's Photo Freedom Volume 1.  There are so many products out there that are perfect for PL (like this one!), that I have to ask myself if buying a full kit again this year was worth it...I've only used it for one week out of 5 so far. But then....well, it IS designed by Heather Bailey, and I just didn't have the willpower to resist!

The mini kits are a different story :) There are a couple of cards from my Mayfair mini kit on this spread, as the colours match perfectly. I guess the idea is to mix it up!

 I finally got motivated and sourced some replacement  ribbon for my typewriter, so gave it a whirl on these pages. I love how much journaling I can fit onto the pages with it, but forgot how easy it is to make mistakes! I'll refrain from calling it a "vintage typewriter" because it was actually bought new as a gift for me when I was a teenager...and that would make ME vintage too! LOL!

The round stickers with large letters have been in my stash for many many years, but I think they are perfect for this spread...stash busting at it's finest :)

Another week down...how quickly they go!

How are you going with your PL journey so far?

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Very nice with the typing, looks great!

I was all set to do mine on Sunday but couldn't print photos. New computer without all the programs and so forth put on it yet.

dawn said...

I really like the color theme on these, cool and refreshing.

How awesome that you got all the family pictures and you with hubby. LOVE LOVE the collages.

Hooray for the typewriter, wish to have one too. What happened on the bottom right card/looks like it was chewed up??

WOW, back to school time for the kids. Good luck in your new year, hope it's a good one.

I really like what the date card says!! Good job being caught up again. hoping to post mine soon, almost finished.

Stacey said...

Pretty! I love how ordered and neat all of your album pages are. So inspiring! x

Linda said...

Love your week 5. Had a little chuckle over Robs recycling adventure. It's great to see photos of everyone.
Sorry to disappoint you but the kids would love Nobu...teeny tiny tacos, fish and chips ie tempura that and so much more.

Tamika said...

My project life journey for 2013 is not well I am about 6 weeks behind and don't know when I will pick up. I have a lot of scrap layouts on my mind.