Monday, February 18, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week 7

Hello Project Life Week 7...nice to be back on track again this week :)

This week my colour scheme was taken from the "one day" journal card on the right side of the layout, which is from the Photo Freedom collection by Echo Park. Yellow, grey and white is one of my favourite colour combinations right now ;)

Of course, the spots are from Echo Parks Dots and Stripes (my all time favourite!), but I've also pulled items  from Teresa Collins, the PL Clementine Kit, the PL Mayfield Mini Kit, and various other manufacturers from my stash.

It's funny...I thought I was really going to struggle with photos this week. It got to the weekend, and I had hardly any photos on my camera...thank goodness for my iPhone! My children are now so used to Project Life that they remind me to take photos fairly regularly, and that has been my saviour this week. Thank you children xxx.

The blurry section in the top right corner is some personal journaling about the rather crappy day I had on Thursday...thank goodness for new days and fresh starts :)

And that was Week 7. are you going with it all? I've noticed the flurry of Project Life that was taking place all over the internet seems to have died down a bit, and I'm wondering if some have dropped of the PL bandwagon? If that has happened to you....take a deep breath, get a bit creative to fill in the gaps of the weeks you've missed (think TV shows you're watching, everyday stuff you can photograph as fillers, movies you've watched...the internet is a great resource for images!)  and hop right back on!

And another piece of advice (even though you didn't ask for it LOL) ...get back to basics! Project Life is NOT a scrapbooking's about recording your memories for you and your family. Don't get caught up in feeling like each page has to contain oodles of product and all the latest and greatest. These are your memories, and they are better recorded simply than not at all!

Sorry...just had to get that off my chest ;)

Have a wonderful day
TTFN xxx


Cubby House Crafts said...

I appreciate any advice given, I have decided to look at my PL as more of a challenge, and work with what I have and try a be a bit more creative with my pages...maybe even incorporate some pretty fabrics!
I always love visiting and seeing your PL layouts!

Linda said...

You are so on a roll with your PL, looks great and there are heaps of photos.
Surely you must have nearly used all of your dots and stripes what will you do when it runs out.

Hope said...

Excellent advice! Thank you :)

I love the colour combination too, and it goes so well with your Valentines flowers. You're very good at picking an element and drawing your colour scheme from it.

Noela said...

Lovely memories to look back on. Hugs.....

dawn said...

HOORAY FOR WEEK 7!! This is just beautiful Susan, really love these colors and cards you used. I think you have plenty to work with here and so awesome that your kids are involved too.
I read your HEY YOU journal, sorry you had a bad day and felt down. Please read this note again if you feel this way in the future. What a great pep talk it was and even helped me. I think we all feel this way at times. I haven't even met you and love you for being you already!! HUGS MY FRIEND!
Now about this Riley cooking class, how awesome and awesome is this. I love that he is taking the class and sharing it with his family. Keep it up!
Love the collage of you girls crafting together, so happy you had time for that.
Netball sounds fun, enjoy helping out with the team.
How sweet this PL talk was too, way to go on getting others not to give up and to keep telling their stories. That is all that matters most. Funny what you wrote though, go read mine and find out why. I gave a shout out too.
Have a good rest of your week and I sent you an email last week I think, did you see it?? If not go check it out!!