Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet Day Collection Cards

For this month's cardmaking, I reached deep into my stash and pulled out the Sweet Day Collection by Echo Park. Have you ever used a collection kit? They make cardmaking so quick and easy!

There are a few important birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, and I knew if I wanted to give handmade cards  that I would have to make several in one sitting....which usually would have me admitting  defeat right there ;)

These came together almost effortlessly and in minimal time (which never EVER happens around here), and I realised why when I looked carefully at the kit was designed by Alisha Gordon, who used to be (and maybe still is?) the editor of Cards magazine! Lots of the elements on the sticker sheet were obviously designed with cardmakers in mind, and it was all too easy to whip up 5 in a that!

Another tick off my to-do list for February...which is probably just as well, because it's such a short month!

Happy crafting

TTFN xxx


laurajane said...

Lovely cards.dont know how you find time to make all these cards and scrapbook a page everyday...xx

Hope said...

Great cards! Lots of 'COMPLETED' on your to-do list, well done!