Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nothing creative to share with you today :(

No baby news yet...still waiting. She is overdue by quite a few days now. Hopefully I will be hearing of the precious little bundle's arrival very soon.

No scrapping to share. My little burst of creativity on the weekend was fun, but life is crazy busy during the week...too crazy sometimes! I haven't even picked up my stitching, which is pretty unusual for me.

Hope things are great in your part of the world...and hope you are well and happy!
TTFN xxx


Janellybelly said...

Hello to you too! Thanks for the well wishes for my trip, you will be pleased to know I finished my sewing and now have a tunic top to wear on the plane :)
take care

Janelle xx

texmorg said...

Hi There
I cant believe that your sister hasn't had the baby yet, she must be going nuts. All is well here am getting loads of inspiration from your magazines.
Have a good rest of the week
Luv me