Thursday, March 26, 2009

Late late late!

Do you find that once you start sending handmade cards, for birthdays and Christmas and every other occasion in between, it is almost impossible to send a purchased one?

It's not just the $5 plus price tag, or the time it takes standing at the newsagent trying to find just the right one. It's the expectation of the recipient too...some people would be disappointed to receive anything but a hand made card. And it just doesn't feel right.

All of this can be a bit of a problem, when your hand made card stash is on the brink of non-existent, and you have a couple of important neice/ nephew birthdays coming up, which is where I found myself this morning. (Actually, the cards/gifts should have been posted last week...gulp)

So here are some new cards...

This one for the very important neice, who turned

And this one for the very important nephew who is a couple of years older than that, and whose birthday is on this weekend...gulp. Sorry guys...Aunty Suzi is experiencing some unavoidable delays, but your cards and gifts are on their
Late late late.
TTFN xxx

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texmorg said...

oooo Nice cards. I am going to copy them (HEE HEE).