Monday, March 9, 2009

Speedy is IN the building!

And thank goodness for that! I was totally over trying to move Slowpoke around my screen. Thankfully, my new mouse is very speedy, and I can upload some photos without it taking me hours.

So here's a photo of the birthday girl (and thank you for your lovely comments on the bag...she adores it!) with her cake. I don't think I have ever seen her so excited.

She had a wonderful day, spent with her dancing buddies in the morning , and then her two closest girlfriends came over for afternoon tea, then we all went out for dinner. A truly memorable day for her.

The new challenge for Copycatcards is to make a gift card holder...something a little different, but so good to have on hand! This is my version...

...made from Basic Grey Bittersweet, with the shapes cut out with the MM Slice. It opens up to reveal the gift card. Why don't you have a go? Pop over to the Scrapsidaisy forum for details.
I'm also taking part in a Circle very first. I hate to admit that I am a little behind already, but popped it in the post this afternoon. I had no idea what to do really, and my only information was gained by "googling", so I could be doing totally the wrong thing! Oh well....

This is the front cover. I read somewhere that it's best not to cover the journal until it comes home to save the inevitable bumps and scrapes in the post. That made sense :) I made an introductory page with my instructions etc, but won't bore you with that.
Then there is the sign-in page...
I hand cut all those stamped journal spots....crazy, huh? And then this is my page...

The theme of the journal is "friendship" and I have been wanting to make one of these button trees for ages, so went in search of a tree-ish friendship quote. Love the whimsical feel of the page.
Now I wait for the first of the journals to arrive for me to add my page. I love the concept, and can't wait to see what everyone else has done! I love receiving happy mail, so am thinking that this is going to be fun. Have you ever taken part in a circle journal? I'd love to hear any hints/tips/comments that you may have, so please leave me a comment.
Have a great day
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Sorry no hints or tips- I have never done one am waiting now to see what you do and get. Looks good.
xx Linda

Janellybelly said...

Happy 8th Birthday to your DD. The bag you made her was fabulous.

Chris Millar said...

Looks like Lydia is very happy indeed!!! It's so funny seeing Lydia's adult teeth and missing teeth, Annaliese has only lost 2 baby teeth so far, (the bottom front 2) and she's hanging out to lose some more!

Love your cards Suzi and that circle journal looks fab!