Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A major blow...

...to my weight loss plans has occurred overnight. Not that the plans were going at all well, but I am almost ready to throw my arms up in defeat. The little fellow you see below arrived at our house last night...not just one but a whole box full (including his more desirable cousins, Strawberry Freddo and Caramello Koala) AND a box full of those delicious mini Easter Eggs that bring me undone every single year.

Curse you, Cadbury Fundraiser Chocolates!

TTFN xxx


Chris Millar said...

Oh dear! These are my weakness too!! I'm a huge strawberry freddo lover!

~Jules~ said...

GO the Freddo!
I think they get the better of all of us Susan...LOL

texmorg said...

Leave some for me I love the strawberry ones and the caramello koalas.
We always end up buying the whole box whenever we have these at home. They are great to put 1 in a lunch box. Although dont tell the canteen assoc I said that.
PS I mean it i will buy 10 and pick them up next week.

Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Strawberry Freddos - oh yum!! IF I ever see these at the supermarket I HAVE to have one....your poor thing Susan