Friday, April 17, 2009

In Search of Birkenstocks

Today began with a buy myself some Birkenstocks.

I had it on good authority (one of the Mums from Kindy) that Birkenstocks would be the answer to all my problems, so we set out to find them.

Now, finding Birkenstocks in Perth is not an easy mission, but after some research, I discovered that they could be located at a shopping centre that I had never off we set! (If you don't know what Birkenstocks me not so long will have to keep reading LOL).

Our mission introduced us to many new pleasures, new shops, new products that I had never before experienced. The kids and I were totally besotted with smiggle...but that was fairly predictable, being a shop filled with stationery supplies. Then there was kikki k, another stationery shop, but with so many great ideas for organising your receipts, and takeaway menus and super cute magnets.

And then there was Lush...

...a shop full of sensory delights. Hand made soaps and shampoos and lip balms and such...

... the smells and textures and displays were almost overwhelming...

...and I couldn't resist the urge to take out my camera and snap away!

It amazed me to see soaps sold like cheese-slices cut from a large round block and weighed, before being wrapped in white paper. It was almost like a delicatessen! (sorry if I sound like a country hick here, but WOW it was a great shop!)
And then there was Birkenstock, the shoe shop for people with very sore feet who really can't face wearing Masseur sandals, or Homy Peds from the chemist, or any shoe that only comes in beige.

OK...I admit they were not cheap...but aren't these just the cutest shoes you've ever seen? And comfortable? Oh my, yes!
It seems that I may be developing a quirky shoe fetish...check them out at
TTFN xxx


Jenni said...

super cute!

texmorg said...

Now dont tell me that these are yours? Was the shop in Subiaco by any chance? My podiatrist keeps telling me to go there as i will find shoes to fit my enormous feet-are all the shoes as quirky as these?
xx Linda
I will have to go and find that soap shop we love handmade soaps here.

mandapanda said...

Oh wow! I love red shoes!! Did you buy any stationery? Smiggle is a great brand but I wish it wasn't so expensive! lol The soap shop kind of reminds me of the markets. There's always alot of handmade soaps at the markets. It also reminds me of a shop in Brisbane, but they sell candles too! Gosh I love those shoes!!

lisa_crofts said...

hi susan I like your new birkis. Red is my favourite colour in shoes. As to Birkis I have 3 pairs black with rhinestones, red suede, and brown with flowers my faves. You can buy them in the Birkenstock store in city in plaza arcade and in Subiaco. YOu can also buy papillo and Betula shoes which are the same thing in Paul Carrolls in morley next to Toys r us. Welcome to the birki lovers club.