Friday, April 3, 2009

Not your average day...

Any day that includes sweet surprises delivered to your doorstep could not be considered average...and that is exactly what happened this afternoon.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?

The household was all in a bit of a Friday afternoon flurry, with school bags being unpacked, and getting Riley "ABBA-fied" (see below), and hubby doing his afternoon garden watering, when a car pulls into our driveway. A girl gets out carrying a cake box with a big blue bow on it...what the? And inside were the most delectable little cupcakes with blue teddy bears, made out of icing.

Merryn was captivated, and had to bring "Bubby" out to have a look (the cakes are on the ground because the light was fading...this was late late afternoon!)

A thank-you gift from baby Samuel, my newest little nephew :) What a most thoughtful and delightful surprise! This next photo is for you, Aunty Leisa...

Thank you so very made my day/week/month!
And of the "ABBA-fication"?

Goodness gracious!!!!!! My dear son had a party to attend tonight...his first ever night time party, and the theme was ABBA. Riley is not one to miss a dress-up opportunity...can you tell? I think my favourite bit is the custom-made ABBA chain...or is it the chest hairs (eewwwww)...or the glasses? Classic.
This boy makes me so proud...he is such a confident kid, and so comfortable doing just exactly as he wants to. I love that about him.
Here's to a great weekend!
TTFN xxx

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Chris Millar said...

Oh my gosh, they are just the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! I'll have to find out where you got these Leisa as my SIL is having her baby next month and is cupcake mad, she would love some of these arrive on her doorstep!

LOL at the ABBA get up!!! It's sort of a ABBA/Elton John!!LOL We saw these glasses today at spotlight and were going to buy some for Shayla's disco party this Friday night, but at $7.99 each we decided against it! Riley looks terrific!!