Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ferris wheel fun!

Are you ever too old to enjoy the ferris wheel?

I am thinking....NOT! Yesterday we went into the city for lunch, and our first ride on the new ferris wheel on the Perth Foreshore ...it was so much fun! Not quite as big as I had imagined, but that was compensated by the air conditioned cabins...noice!

Of course, the kids loved it. We did 5 loops, and I took lots of photos from up the top....such a good vantage point of the city. I think we'll have to take a ride at night, to see all the lights of the city....cool.
A big thankyou to all of you who sent birthday wishes my way...it's lovely people like you who make my life special xxx
Have a great week


Suzanne said...

Oh I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

The kids would have love the ride, I haven't tried it out yet.

texmorg said...

Special wishes for a special lady and a great mother. It looks like you had a fab day.
You will have to share the photos.
xx Linda

Rebecca Beattie said...

Happy birthday Susan, looks like you have had a fun time!

Vicki said...

I will have to show my kids the photos because I think they would love to give the 'Perth Eye' a go!
Hope you enjoyed your Birthday!