Monday, November 12, 2012

Farmers Wife - The Two by Two Edition

Another couple of Farmers Wife blocks made today...and in record time I have to say!

Cutting tiny pieces with my mini equipment is proving to be quite an amazing much so that I probably should increase the production rate and make THREE blocks each week :)
The block above is number 98 Waterwheel, and below is Number 97 Waste Not.

With approximately 40 blocks left to make, I'm starting to dream of  finishing this project (thus the crazy talk of making extra blocks LOL). I will definitely be handing this quilt over to a longarm quilter to quilt...there is NO WAY a quilt of this size would fit under my trusty domestic machine...and that makes the thought of finishing the quilt top SO much more desirable. The quilting bit is not my favourite.

I'm jumping the gun, I know. 40 blocks IS 40 blocks...but I just can't help myself  :) Another finish means I could allow myself to start something completely new...and that is a VERY exciting thought!

Off to dream a little....

TTFN xxx


Anthea said...

Ooooo, Suzi I love Waterwheel, you are amazing to keep producing such gorgeous blocks! I guess if you are not confident of doing a good job of the quilting yourself, then getting a pro to do it is a wise thought...

Linda said...

Forty blocks left wow Susan really that's not that many, says the girl who hasn't done last months BOM yet. Keep going nearly there.