Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 46

Hello Week 46...which doesn't really sound so bad, until you subtract 46 from 52, and realise that there are only 6 weeks left of 2012.

Yes. Really.

 Now I've given you a good scare LOL, here is the week that was...

 ...a week created using Simple Stories Snap Life goodies. I may have to order some more at the rate I'm it!

Try to ignore the horrid photo of me staring at you from the middle of the page...I was thinking that my hair growing situation had turned a corner...that is, a not-so-bad hair day for the first time in I took a photo. Turns out I was wrong :) I'm almost ready to get it cut short patience has almost run out!

And that was our week :)

Thanks so much for visiting...hope you're having a great one so far!

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Your hair doesn't look bad, don't know what you're talking about. :) I think you should persevere with your hair, or else next time you decide to grow it you'll have to go through the bad hair days all over again! At least they're almost over now.

Leah said...

Hi Susan, been trying to get my hands on the whole range of simple stories snap but without much luck. Could you please share where you got it from.

Tracey said...

I was thinking your hair looked okay, you should try and stick it out.
Love the PL pages.
love me :-)

dawn said...

I love the date card for this week's pages. Need to make mine fun like yours. I wouldn't have known you were having a bad hair day, some days are like that for me too. I tell people/family that my hair is complicated, not good short or long and just ok at medium length. All my kids somehow ended up with gorgeous long perfect hair, sigh.

I LOVE LOVE the layout below, white on white is always a favorite for me. How sweet to have one of you and hubby!! Pretty good layout for being sick, nothing gets in the way of your creativness!!