Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 44

Hello Week 44...a week inspired by the traditional colours of Halloween :)

I had  plans to add spider webs and other scary embellishments to this double page spread, but in the end I just wanted it DONE and off my desk! I printed the photos on the weekend, and even started to play with the layout...and from there the process has been long and slow.  I should never let things sit for too attention span is just not that long :)

 I've used papers from  (the now extinct!) The Girls Paperie Toil and Trouble collection, and a few other bits from Snap Life, vintage Making Memories stickers, stamps, and some October a bit of stash busting!

Can you spy the Santa, looking decidedly out of place in this Halloween-fest? If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that each year we add a "mode of transport" Santa to our collection each Christmas. We have Santa in a hot air balloon, on a motorbike, in a plane, riding a ferris wheel...and many more. Each year it's becoming a bit trickier to find a new mode of transport, so when I saw Santa on a wooden sled while out shopping, I snapped him up!

The last few weeks have seen the word CHRISTMAS steadily sneaking in to my album. I'm planning to make a December Daily album again this year (I think?) , but am yet to work out how that's going to go along with Project Life. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Two lots of daily documenting may just send me over the edge LOL!  I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas/strategies on doing both :)

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

I did wonder what type of santa you would get this year. Cant give you advise re dd. and pl. as i don't do dd. I have been enjoying doing my Pl lately, i only do a one page and can manage that just fine and it leaves me time to play with other stuff so I've changed my mind again and i will do year, without a kit as i have so much stuff here.
yippee the weekend is nearly here.

Cheryl said...

Sigh, have let scrapbooking really slip this year. I love the idea of daily records, brilliant to look back on, but so much to do at such a busy time! xx

laurajane said...

Lovely pages as usual.xx

Hope said...

Hmm... DD & PL will be fun to fit in. Maybe you could persuade the kids to do DD this year?

Anthea said...

Great work as always Suzi, love the Halloween pics!
I love love love the idea of Santa and his different modes of transport; I have a beauty of Santa on a rocking horse, but then, that's not really 'transport' is it?!
Don't set yourself up for stress by committing to two forms of scrapbooking at such a busy time of year... but then, you may indeed be organised enough to handle doing it!

dawn said...

Hello!! This week looks GREAT!! I love the Halloween date card!! For some reason I really like the right side, think it's all the matching journal cards, looks good. I LOVE THE SANTA STORY, how fun this is for your family. My favorite thing is collecting snowmen!!

First of all, great job keeping up on your PL, you should be so PROUD!!
Second of all, only do a DD if you can mangage without stressing yourself. This is what happens to me and this year I'm going to really try and finish it. The one year I did came out so awesome and all these stories in one place. The best thing to do is make it SIMPLE, VERY SIMPLE and get it ready ahead of time like Ali does so all you do is print and write a little for each day.
She just shared some AMAZING new journal cards for PL but look Christmasy so that would be another choice. Just make your December pages a DD in your PL, it would be easy and LOOK SOOOO GOOD. This might even me what I do this year, that way I know it will get done.
Either way you go just make sure you are HAPPY about it. No stress or perfection, just have fun!!
Hope this could help, let me know if you want to chat more.

p.s. sending you an email!!