Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 45

Hello Project Life Week 45...another week of everyday observations and lots of iPhone photos :)

 This week I've used Pink Paislee's Spring Jubilee papers as the base for my layout...fresh yellow, musky pink and pale turquoise...sigh, so pretty :)

 I discovered a Laura Ashley shop in this week, which had me all kinds of excited! As a teenager, I was obsessed with home decor and interior design, and my major crush was Laura Ashley. When we arrived home, I pulled out my Laura Ashley Home Furnishing books for a little trip down memory lane, including her annual from 1987 which was my favourite...and yes, I still have it!

My purchases included a very cute dress printed with green apples (sqeeeeal!), a birdie skirt and a red

 Each week I'm trying to include at least some journal cards from the Project Life kits that I have...condensing them down into one box is my goal! Then I may just give myself permission to buy another kit...just maybe :)

I added a few extra embellishments this the banner from Amy Tangerine below. Again, trying to use up some supplies!

So that's another week done, and another week closer to Christmas...eeek!

The proof that the year has flown by? Yesterday I had the pleasure of lunch and chatter with some of the participants from the photography class I did with Sharon Manning earlier in the year...

...May, in fact. Now that is seems like just last month! It was so lovely to see these girls, hear all about Sharon's trip to France and Italy (jealous much?) and talk just a little bit about photography. Must get some practice in before our next catchup ;)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

TTFN xxx


Nicky said...

Well done you are doing so well at keeping up - it is keeping me going. When you posts go up I always go eek I am this much behind so I do a little catch up. Unfortunately every time I get within cooee another week passes by. But i am closing the gap at the moment. Keep up the good work

Hope said...

Yay! Such pretty Spring colours this week and some great photos.

I had to laugh when I saw the photo of you and your photography classmates, with TARTS written big and bold behind you all. Deliberate placement? LOL

Anthea said...

Suzi, it's so amazing to me that you have done this ALL year!
I had a LOL at the Tarts thing too

Sheryl said...

Well done keeping up with everything, my photos and scrapbooking bits & pieces just sit in the cupboard waiting for me... one day I'll get to them... too busy sewing in the mean time....
I'm thinking 'tarts' is a coffee shop or bakery and nothing to do with you girls....;)

Sharon Manning said...

LOVE the photo Susan....yes great company and conversation.....will have to do again very soon.
I might just steal the photo seeing you were the only one to get their camera out!!!!!!

dawn said...

WOW, what a pretty week this is, love love the colors. What a cute banner on the title card! I like all the collages and pictures of everything, looks like a good week.
I can't believe how time is flying either and it will only go faster now that the holiday's are coming. What a great year you've had and now all the memories are in your PL to look back on! WAY TO GO!!