Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abracadabra, alacazam....

...let there be TWENTY of them!!!!

And magically, twenty appeared :) Complete with the most perfect green envelopes!

Hahaha...if only it worked that way. Reality: I worked on these yesterday, made a trip to Officeworks and found the green envelopes as well as far too many other office supplies which I didn't really need (as you do :))and finished all but 4 (which are not in the photo hee hee). I would have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning finishing them, except I had to be up at some ridiculous hour to take my bouncing (LOL) boy to a trampoline comp.

I am SOOOO not a morning person...especially when they expect me to be a scorer as well! However, by the end of the morning I had woken up enough to see my boy take out 2 gold medals (one for double-mini and one for synchro) and the silver medal for tramp! Yay!!!!!!

Here he is showing you his medals :)

Watching him compete is such a mixture of emotions...gym sports are very unforgiving. One boo-boo and you're out of medal contention, and all your hard work seems like it is in vain. It is so heartbreaking to watch kids who have trained so hard make one mistake...I guess if you've watched the Olympics you know what I'm talking about... but watching your own child is so much harder. Thankfully, Riley had a great comp today!

Best be off to finish off these last few cards...did I mention that I'm a bit over them by now? LOL Must be time to move on to the next design....

TTFN xxx

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texmorg said...

Well done to Riley he is getting quite a collections of medals now and well done to you as well 20 cards is a job well done-bet you are over them now.
Xx Linda