Wednesday, November 26, 2008


You'd never guess that this little girl once had major hip problems...

Look at her cartwheels...she has been working so hard on getting them "just right", keeping her legs straight and up. I really don't know how she doesn't get dizzy!

She practices all the time, so I thought I would take some photos. LOL...she made me delete all the ones where her legs were crooked! Just goes to show that miracles can happen :) (those were the words of her specialist!)
It must be getting close to the silly season, because I seem to be doing A LOT of running around lately. The older kids have been doing dance lessons at school, so I have spent the last couple of days at their performances. (I would have loved to show you the photos, but had better not as I don't have permission from the parents of their dance partners...but SOOOOO cute!)
I'm trying to make a dent in my Christmas lists, so have been at the shops far more than I care to be lately...and they are starting to get busy. I've been working on some projects for the kids for Christmas, which I will share when I'm done. Other than that....well, life is just busy I guess!
Every day I like to think that I will do something creative, but every day comes to an end before I can get to it.
Maybe today....
Hope you are finding some time for the things that you love to do
TTFN xxx

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texmorg said...

Wow I know just how you feel.I have even started a little christmas shopping which is early for me. Am very tired and I can say for the first time too tired to craft.
So I will just look at everyone elses on their blogs.
Take care