Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just quickly...

...thought I'd share a LO I started at the Melbourne Cup Scrap yesterday, and finished last night. The stars are covered in the most delicate glitter, which I love but am not so fond of using IYKWIM! I end up with glitter EVERYWHERE...the girls who were at the shop yesterday can vouch for that ...hee hee (that's why I did it AT the shop, not at home).

I've used the New Kaiser Christmas line called Wish Upon for this one. It suited the photos perfectly, with all that pink! The "07" is also glittered.

While I was completing it, I realised that this particular photo is the 10th Santa LO I've done, but the only one with all 3 kids in it, and not me! A real breakthrough in the history of our family photo album, I think!
I ended up spraying the stars with hairspray in an attempt to hold the glitter in place. I'm sure there must be a product which is acid free which would do the same job, but haven't come across it so far. Anyone know of anything? I've used Dimensional Magic before, but it gives it a glossy, hard finish....something I didn't want for this particular project.
Have a fantastic fast are the weeks flying by lately!
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Hi there,all I can say my teacher is that when I use glitter (not for years but I've got lots of it from my very early card days)I use good old Jac paper it sticks to that and doesn't seem to fall of.
That pic is from last year not too far behind now. I bet that you've noticed how much your children have changed after completing all those christmas LO's.
xx Linda

Beckie said...

Love your new chrissy page Suzi, I love the glitter stars!! It is messy but very effective.

Vicki said...

Alison Ellis makes a Hot Set powder which is really good for holding the glitter on...might be worth a try!! Hope you eventually got all the glitter off!!!!

BeckBT said...

Hi Susan,

Something I learnt recently is that unless you are wearing gloves the whole time when you are scrapping and not handling anything, you have imparted acid onto your work anyway. This would be the only way to ensure your layout is acid free. So my new motto is, 'it is probably not worth stressing about!'

Love the layout, very cute!