Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happiness in a box :)

That is my definition of IKEA. For a girl who has a slight obsession with storage and organisation, IKEA is like a little piece of heaven. I have never been known to leave the place without a new addition to my storage collection...which, for a girl equally obsessed with scrapbook shopping, is not a bad thing :)

While hubby was still on holidays (which sadly ended yesterday) I "treated" him and the kids to a little expedition to IKEA, complete with Swedish meatballs for lunch! I had browsed the latest catalogue, and knew exactly what I needed for my scraproom...

...and here it is in all it's glory! It has taken me a couple of days to achieve this (and the rest of the house is still a bit of a shambles hee hee) but I now feel like I am in heaven. Look at the little details...

I had so much fun with this.

Look at the little village on top. And the ribbon and brad jars...just a bit like a candy shop, don't you think?
Guess I had better keep working on the rest of the house...sigh. I had to move quite a bit of furniture to make room for my new addition, so it is sitting around, just waiting to find a new home. It doesn't help that, once I get the spring-cleaning bug, I don't seem to know when to stop LOL!
Have a great day!
TTFN xxx


Chris Millar said...

Total heaven Suzi!! I want to come over and check out your fabulous new shelving unit! It's so cool!!! Enjoy!

texmorg said...

WOW that looks fantastic. You could be more of a neat freak than my Andrew.It so does look like a Candy Store.

Anonymous said...

Suzi !! This is sensational!! the village on top and the colourful "candy" jars. Super!!
Debbie K x x

Suzanne said...

Wow your scrap area looks fantastic.
In reply to my digi pages I get my 12 x 12 printed from an online service called point shoot play. I upload which is painful (usually 5 at a time) and they turn up in the mail about 3 weeks later. I then place them in the album with my normal pages.
Due to my impatience, I sometimes print them smaller at home and then mount them on white 12 x 12 cardstock.
I got 5 back today it cost $4 for each page and $5 for postage. I touch them and play with them when they come in the mail like my normal pages.
Sorry I didnt mean to fill up your comments box with a long winded story.

Tracey said...

How lucky are you Suzi!! this looks fantastic so nice and neat and organised. Have fun!!

Kris said...

That is sensational.. Can you come over and do one for me please!!!