Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrapbooking can be a bit like...

...pulling teeth sometimes. Painful, long, but with some relief at the end! LMAO.

It's been a bit like that for me lately...layouts sitting on my desk for days at a time, when usually I finish them up fairly quickly once I get a roll happening. Take this one for example..

I've had these Basic Grey Bittersweet papers for quite a while now, and started this LO a few days ago...but it just wasn't happening. I cut, and cut, and fiddled and rearranged, and cut some more...

...but couldn't do anything I was happy with.
Until I decided to use some fabric from my daughters old bedroom curtains...that did the trick! So I sat up until the wee hours of this morning, stitching and distressing, journaling and sticking, and am finally happy with the result.
Thank goodness for that :)
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Ooo dont brag! This is really my first look at the Bittersweet papers (very nice). The fabric goes very well and I love the pin.
Lidia looks soooo young.
xx Linda

Tracey said...

I really love this page Suzi and a clever idea using the fabric from the curtain. I really love your style and can always pick it you put so much effort into your pages, especially your journaling. Sometimes I take days to do a page aswell it just happens :)