Saturday, July 4, 2009

Busy bees!

It's the first day of the school holidays here in WA, but already we have been busy little bees!

One of our favourite things to do in the holidays is to make a "lucky dip". Each member of the family gets 5 strips of coloured card (a different colour each) and we write down 5 things that we'd like to do in the holidays. We then take it in turns to draw one of our lucky dips, and then we all do that activity. These range from picnics, to golf, to baking cakes, to visits to Scitech, and everything in between :)

Today was my pick, and I drew "visit a toy shop that we've never been to and go window shopping". So we pulled out the Yellow Pages, found a shop, and off we went! We did LOTS of "window shopping", tested out some new toys, and I made a couple of secret purchases (there's a certain little girl's birthday coming up this month), including this...

...which I broke open upon arrival at home, and it kept us all busy, all afternoon!

So now our house is decorated with Pokemon,

and lovehearts,

and flowers :)
We also managed to fit in "a treat at Macca's" which was on one of Riley's lucky dips, so the holidays are off to a great start! Hope yours are too!
TTFN xxx


Jenni said...

The lucky dip idea is a great one! We might try that ourselves (but knowing my brood, it could get expensive!!!)

Helen said...

Love the idea of the Lucky Dip Susie! I think I might steal your idea and give that a go these holiday's too! We love the footpath chalk here too! It's great isn't it! Love their creations with it!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What artistic children you have! Love your lucky dip idea - we usually just write a list but doing a lucky dip sounds like loads more fun! Enjoy your holidays.

texmorg said...

How could you get in and out of a toy shop in one sane piece? What a great activity for the kids to do, good thinking.