Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drowning in paper...

...and not the pretty patterned kind either :(

I know it's the end of financial year, but notes, tax stuff,'s a bit over-the-top. Needless to say, there has been very little (actually, none at all) crafting going on around here.

A few things though...

Rosalie Quinlan is having a giveaway on her blog....and the prize is some of her very own range of fabrics that are due to be released in a few months, and they are to die for! If fabric floats your boat, get over there!

Cosmo Cricket are having a giveaway of one of their brand new lines too, if scrapping is more your thing. Their new ranges look divine.

I have it on very good authority that Tomorrows Memories have received lots and lots of new and scumptious goodies in the last two days...again, if scrapping is your thing.

My Christmas Belles quilt has officially left the building :) I dropped it off to the quilter earlier this week, but it was raining when I tried to take a last you won't be subjected to looking at pics of it for a while :)

Hoping and praying that I feel the urge to create something soon....and that you do too!

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Can't wait to see your finished quilt! I am having a bit of a crafting break too - haven't started my tax yet though - another thing to add to the list!

texmorg said...

You have done as much craft as i have. NONE
Love your new look blog-where do you find these?
Going to chech out the links now

Janellybelly said...

Just confessing that *cough, cough* I still haven't started Christmas Belles...