Thursday, March 11, 2010

15 Years...and 38 Days :)

serendipity: n. faculty of making happy discoveries by accident

Often you discover snippets in your travels that just make you happy, but it is a wonderful thing to find something that makes your heart sing, and your creative juices flow, and your mind race with possibilities.

Last night, I followed a link from here which led me to ,and I knew straight away that this was something I HAD to start...and now! Imagine the fun!

From the little bit of reading I did, I discovered the idea is to create a 1 inch x 1 inch square each day, for a set number of days, celebrating your a life journal in stitches.

I went to bed with my mind racing, imagining all the cute squares I could create, with all my favourite things....but how many? I am currently 38, so thought that would be a good number. Today is March hubby and my 15th wedding anniversary...which is a great day to start. But wait...that means it's around 38 days until my 39th birthday...PERFECT!!! A beautiful, hand-stitched birthday present...from me to me!

So my first job this morning was to pick my colours and fabric...I've gone with rainbow brights on white trigger cloth, but mainly focusing on my standard colour palette of red, pink, turquoise, apple green and white. Shocking, I know :)

The first block had to be a heart to mark our anniversary :) I chose this shade of red because it was the colour of our bridesmaids dresses all those years ago, and stitched 15 pink colonial knots on the background to represent 15 years of marriage....this whole concept is making me so excited!

I really don't know if I can wait until tomorrow to start my next block :)

I also can't wait to use some more complicated embroidery's been quite a while since I used anything except blanket stitch, back stitch and french knots, and I have lots and lots of beautiful specialty threads that haven't seen the light of day for years....imagine the fun!

Would you like to join in? Pop over to 39squares to sign up (as I am planning to do in a minute) and please let me know so I can check out what fun you're having! There's also a flickr group with lots of other yummy squares...I dare you to check it out and not be tempted to start one of your own!

Lydia is planning to make one with 9 squares...but I think it might have to wait until the school holidays....unless, of course, she can't resist starting sooner.

Better get onto the housework...I've had my fun for today :)

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy Anniversary Susan!!! Hope you celebrate with style.

I love the idea of the 39 square project - a terrific present to yourself. Can't wait to see what little motifs you use.

Leisa@Scrapsidaisy said...

It's lovely to see you so excited Susan - hope your anniversary was very special...can't wait to see the squares as you progress!

Kris said...

ooh.. can't wait to see what you do every day! I bet it will look amazing at the end..

texmorg said...

I havent clicked on the link yet but did you get it from Mels blog, i thought about you when i saw her post.This is -sew- you. (sorry couldn't help it. Your heart looks amazing.

Claudia said...

I love your heart! What a wonderful way to commemorate your anniversary.