Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two days...

...and counting! Yep, the inevitable has happened, and I have fallen behind with my 39 squares project :(

Hope to catch up soon...things are pretty hectic around here at the moment!

Better go and start stitching!

TTFN xxx

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6 Girls' Mom said...

While I have been following other people's progress on their squares, (I first saw them on the Day to Day blog) I had NO intention of starting a project of my own. I lurked on your blog almost daily, and marveled at the work you are doing. Until Friday. Your owl square tipped the balance for me. That night, I stayed up for hours, sketching out my 40 squares. (I turn 40 this year, and this is a present for myself...the first ever project I've started just for me!) I continued to toy with the idea on Saturday, and finally decided to start the project on Sunday night. I have just started the sixth square. Thanks so much for the inspiration to dust off my 30+ year old embroidery skills!