Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Believe...and a storm!

The colours are a bit wrong in this photo, but here is my next square for the 39 squares project...

These are little dandelions, which I've stitched in very random cross stitches. If you know me, you'll realise how much I struggled doing "random" cross stitches of non-uniform length...hee hee...but I think the effect was worth it! It's a little reminder to me to embrace the fun stuff in life...like making wishes when you blow dandelions :)

Yesterday afternoon, Perth witnessed the biggest storm it's seen in 50 years (so they are saying)....and it was scary. Lots of thunder, lightning, rain, and even hail!

This was our back garden before the second storm hit...it looks like it had been snowing!

This is a different spot in our back garden...complete with patchy grass from months without any rain at all. We had a little water in the lounge room, but luckily nothing more serious than that...except mess and leaves everywhere! Power was restored to us early this morning. Watching the evening news, I realised how very lucky we were...Perth has now been declared a national disaster area.
Hope all is well in your part of the world :)
TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your dandelion block is super cute!

Glad to hear you fared quite well in the storm yesterday. It was the biggest hail I have ever seen.

GardenofDaisies said...

Love your dandelion square with the sparkley threads! We get severe thunder storms and hail many many times a year. Typically April and May are our worst months, but who knows what it is going to do this year.

Gigi said...

oh your dandelions are wonderful! love the sparkle of the golden thread, how perfect for wishes!

& oh wow. what a storm! hail is so scary to me for some reason. all the pounding, i guess. happy that you survived it all relatively unscathed. hope the rest of perth will be back to "normal" very soon as well.


Jill said...

Love your dandeline square! I love the whole concept-- absolutely brilliant!
I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. Sounds like that storm was a scary one!

Leisa@Scrapsidaisy said...

Oh no - I heard about it on the news and had my fingers crossed it was nowhere near you guys! Glad everyone is ok!

Tracey said...

I just love your dandelion, its way too cute.
so glad that storm is over, it was very scary.
love me :-)

Shiree said...

hi Suze,

yeh I could certainly do with a few more hours each day!! Maybe could also be more productive with the ones that I have as well???

My daughter sent me some pics of the Perth storm, WOWEE some hail huh, and quite some considerable damage,

your inchies are coming alonge very nicely!!

You have a wonderful week too!


Beth said...

Beautiful embroidery, I hope I can progress to your standard. Thanks for stopping by my blog too and for your lovely comments.

Wow to the hail in WA, glad to hear no damage to your area.. we have been thinking of everyone who is affected. Tasmania doesn't seem to see such big hail balls (thankfully)