Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk!

Just a quick double to share today.

I am slowly making my way through some of the photo piles that are sitting on my desk...and it feels good!

And as the photo pile gets smaller, so does the pile of patterned paper sitting next to it...and that feels even better! I've used October Afternoon Farm Fresh Farmhouse...that's the yellow polkadots...and took my colour inspiration from the "straight from the bottom of my stash" Bazzill chip topper, which is the big round sticker on the right page. I found many Bazzill Chip Toppers when I was looking for bees yesterday...I must've really liked them a few years ago (but obviously not enough to actually use many of them!) Ho hum.
Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday...why does a long weekend always make Tuesday feel like Monday????
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

I've got those toppers!
yes it always does feel like a Monday doesn't it but at least that makes the week go faster. Any quilting going on over there?

Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Love the border on this layout!

Tracey said...

Hi girl,
sorry haven't been blogging much because of this damn awful cold/flu/hayfever thingy I've got going on.
Love the layout and I sooooo love those tea cups (yes I have only just read the post).
Hope you are well.