Friday, October 12, 2012

Cards...yes, cards!

It's been a while since I've made a card  :)

Just lately, the call of fabric has been much stronger than the call of paper, if you know what I mean? This could all change, though,  now that I have started to receive this...

...the Studio Calico card kit! What appeals to me about this concept is that, should I not be the least bit inspired to come up with my own design (highly likely!)  there is a whole gallery of beautiful cards made by the Studio Calico design team with the exact same kit that I can copy...YAY!

I decided to challenge myself to make a card all by myself, this being my first kit and all  :)

 I even dug out my Cuttlebug for this special occasion...and my pinking shears....and stitched on it too! Spurred on by this early success, I decided to make another...

...and used the stamp set in the kit! Yes....I stamped....and then coloured the arrows with Glimmermist! Will wonders never cease? LOL

I got totally carried away with myself, playing with all these fabulous new goodies. I admit it.  I've even made another card that I haven't photographed yet!

 All of a sudden, the "5 Cards" target that I've posted on my monthly to-do list each and every month this year but never achieved seems almost achieveable. I love that :)

Here's to a fantastic weekend!

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Ok, misting,stamping, and the actual fact you made three cards yippee. I wonder what's in next months kit.

Hope said...

Woohoo! Go you! Three down, two to go... You'll get them done no worries :)

Tracey said...

OMG I am still in shock, and misting and die cutting... what is the world coming too LOL.
Great to see you paper crafting.
love me :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.