Monday, October 8, 2012

Time Out

I really struggle with hayfever every Spring, and sometimes it feels like it's ruling my life. If you suffer from may know what I mean ;)

So today, we packed the car and headed up the coast in search of clearer, salty air and some relief from the revolting symptoms that have been plaguing me (and two out of three kids to a lesser degree) for the last few days.

Surprisingly, thankfully, it worked. Relief, even if it's short term, was very welcome today :)

Hope you had a great day, and if you know any miracle hayfever cures, please let me know!

TTFN xxx


Ceejay said...

Hey suzitee we suffer real bad I our house too- it is horrible but I found spraying twice a day with plain old fess nasal spray helps a bit and of course the old telfast too...

Hope said...

You need to move to Antarctica or something - doubt there'd be a pollen problem there! That's what Martin tells me when I'm hay-fevery. :)

We have cold, wet weather here at the moment (top of 9 degrees predicted for Thursday!) so maybe you should head across country for a visit ;)

Deb R said...

Ohh I know just how you feel, my sinuses are driving me nuts :)

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Botox ? It has just been on the news! As I sit here sneezing and wanting to scratch my eyes out I will try anything :

Linda said...

Sorry I'm lucky enough not to suffer from that ailment, maybe you should give the Botox a go!